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Note that we have data for both individual airports as well as many different aggregates such as totals for all U.S. airports, totals by state, and much more.

Airport Traffic Data
-No. of passengers handled (departing/arriving)
-No. of passengers by airline
-No. of arrivals and departures
-Tons of cargo and mail handled
-Airline market shares at airport
-Number of destinations
-Top destinations by traffic volume

Other Data
-Airport Employment
-Airport features, runways, facilities, security services
-Airport operations, cargo-handling, fuel/catering
-Delays and on-time performance (departures/arrivals)

Note that we have data for both individual airlines as well as many different aggregates such as totals for all U.S. airlines, totals for network airlines, total for low-fares airlines, and totals for cargo-only airlines.

Airline Traffic Data
-No. of passengers and no. of flights
-Revenue Passenger Miles (RPM)/Available Seat Miles (ASM)
-Number of airports served
-Airline market shares (by airport, route, state)
-Tons of cargo transported/Tons of mail transported
-Airline Traffic by airport, passengers, cargo, market shares
-Airline Traffic by route, passengers, cargo, market shares

Economic Data
-Revenue/Operating Expenses/Operating Profit/Net Income
-Revenue per passenger, revenue per passenger mile
-Costs per passenger, costs per passenger mile
-Structure of revenues/operating expenses

Other Data
-Airline ticket prices
-Airline on-time performance/delays/percentage of flights cancelled
-Fleet details (capacities, fleet/aircraft age, orders, deliveries)
-Airline fuel consumption (in gallons and tons)
-Airline fuel efficiency for both entire fleet and individual aircraft
-Airline CO2 emissions (in tons)